Comparing Google+ & Facebook by the Features

PC Mag has a useful infographic that compares the features sets on Google+ and Facebook, side by side. It is valuable to see the features this way, provided you can get past a subtle Google+ preference and some spelling and grammar difficulties. It is also a bit premature to compare the very mature Facebook platform with the still beta, fresh from the lab Google+ – I anticipate seeing scores of more features in + in the ensuing months. Nonetheless, thanks to PC Mag and the creator for the work on the status of these two platforms at present.


2 comments on “Comparing Google+ & Facebook by the Features

  1. Well…it doesn’t seems like you’ve done your homework:
    Facebook Chat is indeed available for iPhone and Android, in their official app.
    You can post updates to specific lists on Facebook. Just click on “Custom” then make your choice.
    Otherwise, good comparison.

  2. I am betting that the guy who made the infographic was trying to say that
    there is no official stand alone app for Facebook Chat, like there is for
    Huddle on Android. So maybe he did his homework but, as can be seen from the
    rest of the infographic, didn’t explain in the most perfect English.


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