Summify Your Social Media News

Information overload. It’s a reality in our web-based world. One more tool to help you put a dent in all that info is Summify. You can create an account from your email address or log in with G Reader, Facebook or Twitter credentials. Then┬ásimply link Summify to all your favorite sources – blogs, RSS feeds, social nets – to get the most important shares, posts and entries sent to you via email. Or, if you are like me, you can view the results on the Web or via your iOS powered mobile device. Like any good relevance-based aggregator, Summify will learn your preferences and serve up more relevant information the more you use it – it learns from your viewing habits. It will also weight stories based on how much they have been shared, liked or tweeted. Nice, easy and free. And, even cooler, Summify now offers your personalized news summary’s RSS feed so that you can share the good stuff across the InterWebs. Thanks, Summify, for my reduced eye-strain!