Website Builder Looks Great, Costs Nothing

What do you want for nothing? Shiny, slick and functional? You got it with reminds me a lot of personal web page builders, and Dooid, but it is really designed to promote a business rather than a person. offers an incredibly simple website building tool – you simply add the business name, description, logo, and widgets you want to use, a background image, and color scheme and, Presto!, instant gorgeous web page. The single page links to other web sources for added info, such as Yelp reviews, Google Maps for directions, a blog hosted elsewhere, Facebook page, Twitter stream. You can set up a Contact page and integrate your MailChimp account as well. Use a URL, or configure your own domain to work with

If you are starting up your business and don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in a web page, then seems to have you nicely covered. Check out their demo video below to see how easy building your own website can be.