New Gmail!

The new Gmail is here. Well, not officially for everyone. But you can preview the new form factor by selection. Why would you do that? Well, to get a fancy new look and feel, for one thing. But beauty is as beauty does and the new Gmail is more than just a pretty face. New features include a morph to fit page that optimizes for any size screen resolution, dramatically improved search, the ability to change the dimensions in the left sidebar, and the option to create filters within the search box – MUCH easier than the old way. Plus, a bunch of new HD backgrounds that are very sweet indeed. Find out more about the new Gmail here and test drive it for yourself – simply click on the button offering the option at the bottom right of your Gmail page. Tell them Martha sent you.



4 comments on “New Gmail!

  1. Martha, GReader has changed as well, unfortunately I can’t find an rss or atom feed for starred items and no shared items outside of +1s.  Any ideas on how I can find this?

    Thanks for keeping us all up on the latest in law tech.

  2. You are right on the shared items – Google took out all the traditional sharing and social aspects within Google Reader in favor of the new G+ styled sharing – +1’s and shares directly into Google+. I am looking to see if there is a way to export out my shares within G+ back out via RSS. Not sure if that can be done.

    As far as an RSS or Atom feed for starred items, I am not sure what the new process will be, if any. I can see that there is a lot of talk around the Web about the loss of feeds out, so I am sure there are others with bigger brains than mine working on it. I am going to keep an eye tuned to it, though, because I am a HUGE GReader fan and I am not altogether pleased with all of the changes. Rest assured, we are not alone.

  3. Gmail reads my mail to give me “targeted advertising” – is this a violation of attorney client privilege?

  4. Are you the holder of the privilege or the attorney representing the holder? Gmail is encrypted, so it would be reasonable to expect that it is protected from unauthorized disclosures. As far as the Google bots, my sense is that a robot of the provider scanning your mail for keywords rather than context, is not a deliberate release of that privilege, but you really need to look at your jurisdiction to determine how your state courts and bar organization define and construe the use of online services such as Gmail. Compare the service provider’s TOS with your local rules. Remember, if you are uncomfortable with it, then by all means, use your judgment and make choices that comport with your comfort level.

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