Hot Dog! Advocate's Studio Nominated For ABA Blawg 100!

Well, whaddya know? My little piece of the Web got nominated for an AWARD.  I got an email from the American Bar Association that someone actually nominated Advocate’s Studio for inclusion on the ABA’s Blawg 100 – and it got a few votes! And, as far as I can tell, it wasn’t me, my friends or family doing the voting! Woot! If you head over to the link above and register, you can vote for it too!

The blog is listed in the ABA’s Legal Technology category, which is fitting since comparative religions and philosophy isn’t what I am writing about here. I am all about making the job faster, easier and more fun with technology. I have to admit, it makes me quite happy to see that someone is reading my blog. While I do write for the sheer pleasure of doing so – I really love digging up tech tips, tricks, new tools and applications and reporting on them here – it is always great to get some positive feedback.

My blog has come a long way from its humble origins on in early 2008. I had a lot to learn, and find I am still learning. Lots. Shortly after I started blogging, I read on the Web that other professionals were concerned that there were no blogging women lawyers out there. I found this interesting – my decision to blog was a direct result of finding some particularly fantastic female bloggers in the space (Susan Cartier Liebel, Nicole Black and Carolyn Elefant, to name a few) and getting inspired to try it myself (here is the blog post I wrote in response to C.C. Holland’s inability to find us). And I haven’t always been kind to the ABA in connection with the Blawg 100 – last year I did criticize the process due to the lack of female representation in the tech category in particular (here is my mini rant on that one). I am happy to say that there are now three women-operated blogs in the tech category – 33 1/3% of those listed. That’s progress. Last year, less than 10% were represented across the Blawg 100’s entire list. But lets not stop there – we still have some ground to cover.

But much like an actor dissing the Oscars until being awarded one of the golden statues, bottom line is, here I am, grateful for the honor. I am going to keep on writing as long as I can, and your readership and interest help keep it all going.

Oh, and thanks to mom and dad for the unending support and encouragement, my dear husband who periodically needs to retrieve me from tech hell, and my kids who, despite the fact they have no idea what I am doing typing away furiously on the computer, think it is pretty cool anyway.

Peace out. 🙂





6 comments on “Hot Dog! Advocate's Studio Nominated For ABA Blawg 100!

  1. Thanks and glad you like the site. When I think Mac vs. PC, especially for lawyers, I think of The Mac Lawyer’s blog, run by Ben Stevens. Here is a link to a Mac vs. PC page of hits on his blog.

    You have given me an idea for a post, though, as I also use both Mac’s and PC’s in my work. I think either format can work just fine – it all depends on your very specific needs and how you like the interface of the software supporting that particular need.


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