Google+ Business Pages, Because You Can

Been meaning to hit this topic for a few weeks now and finally getting around to it. About a month or so ago, Google opened up Google+ to business pages. Now, you can create a page for your business, or any interest really, with a few quick, easy clicks. I made mine in, oh, about 2 to 3 minutes, tops.

Make sure you have a Gmail account. Got one? Good. Now head on over to and select the option to create a page. You will then be guided through the process by a set-up wizard. First, classify your type of business and, if you can’t figure it out, you do have an “other” option. It will then ask you for some information, such as the name of the page, the URL for your business, the category of the business and the appropriate audience for your page.

Come up with a tagline and image for the page’s public profile and your page is created. There is a nifty photo editor for your profile pic, so you can get the image just right.

Start filling your page with good content, much like you would with a Facebook business page.

You will be given an option via drop down arrow over on the left side near the profile pic to select whether you are acting as yourself the individual or yourself the business page on Google+, again, much like your Facebook business page. Except I found the entire process easier and far more intuitive than the process of setting up the Facebook page. So there’s that.

There have been some complaints about Google+ business pages and the obvious comparison to Facebook’s offering (hit the link here for a decent point by point). But I don’t think it is a fair comparison at all. Facebook pages, originally fan pages (remember when you would ask someone to “fan” you?) have been around for four+ years. Google’s business pages have been out for a few weeks. One of the complaints – the inability to have more than one page administrator – is apparently in the process of being addressed as you read this. I rather like the slick looks of the Google+ page and its functionality and I see absolutely NO reason at all not to create one for your business or promotional interests. Even if you don’t devote a large segment of your time to it at this stage of your game, you can reserve your spot and start testing the waters. That way, your business base on Google+  is there when you need it and, as I suspect, + pages  will only get better.

So, why not? Because you can, of course. Check out AdvantageAdvocate’s page right here. And here is a G+ page to find all G+ pages, if you’re interested. Add them to a circle to follow updates and interact, just as you would on Facebook.


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