Flavors.me. Redux.


A fantastic tool for creating a quick, gorgeous Web presence – a hub for your spokes, as it were, just got better. I wrote about Flavors.me a while back, raving about how easy it is to whip up a site with links to your other internet hangouts that looks and acts professional for the whopping sum of free. Per an email I received from the fine folks at Flavors.me today, this awesome tool just got even better. The email invited me to check out the new Flavors.me and upgrade my site to take advantage of it. So I did.



Create your free account at Flavors.me and start building your site. The interface works just about the same as the prior site editor – it is very visual and selecting colors, backgrounds, layouts and fonts will show the changes right away as you edit.



There are new services, like Instagram and Soundcloud, that you can add to your page. There are tons of new fonts (I LOVE FONTS) and color schemes to choose from. While I find there to be plenty of great layout options, a premium membership ($20 per year) will give you more, as well as the ability to use your own custom domain, contact information, the ability to review stats, mobile-optimize you site (also new) and a ticket to join the Flavors.me community, presumably to promote your Flavors.me presence.



























It is difficult to find fault with a free service such as Flavors.me, particularly if you need to throw up a professional looking site fast. I have recommended Flavors.me to clients who wish to get a web presence without a huge investment, and they are always happy with the results. Take a look at what 10 minutes of Web design got me on Flavors.me and you be the judge.



The most striking new feature is the new social piece – you can now follow the streams of others who use Flavors.me. You can follow and be followed back by other Flavors.me users, and filter who and what you want to see in your social stream.



There is a lot to digest, and sometimes it helps to get it in a visual so check out the video below for a quick montage about the new service and what it can do for you. Since it’s free, why not throw up a page that serves as another place to link your Web and gain some social traction?


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