Now For Something A Bit Different – MOBiLE CLOTH


I wear glasses and shoot photos with a camera. Both have lenses that are prone to smudging. I also have lots of shiny gadgets. And I prefer glossy screen for the color saturation. That means fingerprints and lots of them. Especially on my touch screen devices. I am not a fan of the oily build up so I try to keep cleaning cloths scattered around my various work spaces and in my car for those times when enough is enough. The cloths I have been using generally are quite thin, even silky, and do a passable job of getting the smudges off, usually with some degree of elbow grease.


A few weeks back, John Hartigan of MOBiLE CLOTH contact me and asked if I would like to try his company’s cleaning cloth product. “Sure,” I replied, so he sent me a few examples of his wares, free of charge. I gave one to my attorney – smartphone-toting husband and kept a couple for myself. They come in two sizes, the Nano (a 4″ by 4″ cloth) and the Classic (a 9″ by 9″ cloth). The cloths have a thicker, almost chenille-like feel from the nubby texture, and an approximate 1/4″ binding. They are quite soft as well. Apparently, the nub design comes from weaving  extremely thin fibers. The pitch is that the nubs pull or suction away the grime, oils and germs more effectively than a flat cloth. I can attest to that. I could pull most of the prints off my iPhone with a single swipe, although the perfectionist in me added a few more passes to ensure cleanliness. No water or cleaning solution is necessary, which is a good thing since most manufacturers recommend against using solutions on these delicate screens.


I have been using the wipes for a few weeks and they have been holding up well. I haven’t yet had to wash them but apparently they are washable, as long as you don’t use an iron, bleach or a fabric softener. Instead, use warm water in your machine or via hand washing and don’t wash them with cotton or your cloth will become a lint magnet. My only question on this product is the choice of white background, which invariably will require more frequent cleanings. Hopefully the cloth can stand the test of more frequent washings.



I find their prices quite reasonable. If you are interested in purchasing for yourself, they offer several gift pack options, starting with two packs of either the classic or nano for $6.99. The price per cloth goes down from there, depending on the number you purchase. Shipping is free over $17 so buy a couple of packs – starting with the four pack sizes you get a free cloth. Strew them around your work spaces, store in your car or briefcase and you are all set for smudges. MOBiLE CLOTH also stands behind their product with a 100% money back guaranty within 30 days for any reason.



For an even cooler idea for your business, you can get them imprinted with your logo. The samples John sent me are imprinted and they do look quite nice even on the nubby surface. Promo orders start at 200 units for $399, which isn’t a bad price when you consider the various options. Plus, who doesn’t need a screen cleaner these days? I haven’t had the opportunity to see how the imprint holds up to multiple washings, so I can’t comment on that.



All in all, MOBiLE CLOTH seems a great product for its purpose and something a bit different if you are looking for a custom promotional product. My husband is enjoying his too. Thanks John for the nice cleaning cloths!


2 comments on “Now For Something A Bit Different – MOBiLE CLOTH

  1. Hi this is John from MOBiLE CLOTH … I just wanted to answer Martha’s question. We designed MC white for a very specific reason. As soon as you see any particulate build up you should wash your MC immediately to avoid any scratching of sensitive surfaces. Hopefully that clears things up! No pun intended…

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