First Find The Search Engine, Then Find The Goods


I am all for specialist search engines when you have a precise idea about what you are looking for. Firefox is my serious research browser and I have the search box outfitted with scads of different search engines. You know what they say about “the right tool for the right job” and all.


The Next Web has a great list of specialized search engines dedicated to ferreting out specific information. The categories range from flights and travel, to blogs, to people, to images, to fora, to music, to audio and video, to resources, to domain names, to icons, to private search, to similar websites and to some all around great engines that do the job better than the Big G. Some of my favs on their list that I use all the time:


Hipmunk for travel for blogs and social search for reverse image search for searching people and their related info for private search the rids you of the ads for targeted, curated search for searching all my connected social apps, emails, and other content on my iPhone and on the desktop


Happy hunting and pecking!


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