PlagTracker – A Free Plagiarism Checker


Not that any of the attorneys I know would EVER do this, but just to be sure that your document or paper is free of any surreptitiously lifted content, you can always turn to PlagTracker. It’s an online tool that will scan your document, compare the language to its own database of papers as well as website content (like Wikipedia for example), and will return a redlined version pointing out the problems.


Simply enter the content of your paper in the text box. The report back includes information about the portions of the content that need citations and a list of the sources to be cited.


I read through their privacy policy and can’t really vouch for security based on what I read, so consider that when entering content. But, for a run of the mill research paper, concerns should not be too overwhelming. The site also references a “premium subscription”, but I couldn’t find an adequate explanation of what that entails. Better security, perhaps?


All in all, as long as you keep these concerns in mind, it never hurts to have a free option for checking your content for originality and attribution.


4 comments on “PlagTracker – A Free Plagiarism Checker

  1. Hey, Martha! Thank you for featuring us in your blog. Currently we are testing our premium subscription, premium account users will be able to check unlimited amount of pages per upload, higher processing speed and other features. Oh and by the way, where did you hear about our service?

  2. You are very welcome – and thanks for more explanation on the premium service. You should highlight that on your site so people know what might be coming. I saw your app in my RSS reader under my Technology library – not sure which blog it came through on. Keep up the great work with your great service.

  3. Martha, if you want to discuss possible collaboration between us, please write me to the mail provided in this post. And thank you once again for your kind words, when you see feedback like this, you understand that you’re doing something right 🙂

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