Infographic: Primping For The Web

You spend time on the Web. Whether for business or pleasure, you probably want to appear in a positive light, rather than a negative one. Or maybe you just want to appear. There are ways to improve your Web presence and, particularly if you are promoting your business or profession, you want that Web presence to jump out of the screen and shake your audience’s collective hands.

I have mentioned BrandYourself here in the Studio before. They have crafted this handy infographic that outlines some of the ways you can improve your Web presence. Of course, there is the obligatory self-reference to their own Web-reputation service. Self-promotion aside, there are some nuggets to be gleaned from the chart, including ranking the best sites for visibility – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and nameplate / visual biz site Zerply in that order. For videos, you are better off with Vimeo than YouTube. For your personal blog, pick WordPress – no brainer there. WordPress does a lot to promote its own pages. If you care enough to put the effort in, then it is worth focusing on the best locales for your Web efforts.


2 comments on “Infographic: Primping For The Web

  1. Martha – There’s one problem with Google searches that I can’t really overcome by name alone. My name is too common, so there are lots of Mary Warners out there to compete with for that much-desired Google first-page listing. What’s a John Smith or Jane Doe supposed to do in this situation? My solution was to come up with a creative blog name and use that across platforms. When you look for Woo Woo Teacup, I guarantee that it comes up on Google’s front page.

  2. Mary – I think you have answered your own question. Come up with a unique name. Even a name like mine which is slightly less unique still results in a hit on the first page that is a different Martha Sperry. Make sure you associate your real name with your made-up name as much as possible and perhaps you can shoe-horn in your real name in the results. Have you tried switching between personal results and “entire web” results in the Google search results page to see if you get a different list of results?

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