Apple UDID Breach & You

So maybe you have heard about the Great Unique Device ID breach of 2012 – a hacker group has claimed that it has pulled 12 million device IDs and personal information associated with Apple iDevice users. Scary stuff. The info was grabbed from the laptop of an FBI agent using that Java exploit that was in the news earlier this year. Double Yow.

Alone, the UDID – that 40 character string associated with your device -presents little risk. When coupled with other data, there are heightened risks of identity theft and social engineering.

You can check your status, to an extent, by entering your UDID into a tool provided by LastPass that will compare it to the leaked list. To get the ID, plug your device into your computer, open iTunes, and click on the device in the left bar.  Click on the serial number and the UDID will appear. Then navigate to the LastPass tool here. This will check your ID against the 1 million that were leaked by the hackers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t check the remaining 11 million not yet disclosed.

There isn’t a fix for a leaked ID short of a brand new phone. All you can do is monitor your credit for unusual activity. And hope for the best.


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