DocRun’s Legal Doc Generator Uses Artificial Intelligence

DocRun Logo


More Software-As-A-Service fun for those seeking assistance on legal documents – check out DocRun. This is not your run-of-the-mill on-line document resource spitting out a list of form docs. DocRun asks users a few questions and then creates a document by employing its proprietary artificial intelligence software to customize the document to the user’s specific needs. Sort of like having your own Robo-Lawyer.  Worried about a one-size fits all answer to document drafting? The site promises that documents will :


work wherever you are. The top-tier lawyers behind DocRun’s software have accounted for the unique laws of all 50 states, ensuring the documents work exactly as they should.


Ambitious. Documents also come with plain language explanations of each section to help boost understanding of what you are signing. DocRun promises to store your documents securely on-line, so you can safely access them from anywhere and there is no charge for storing them. While on-line, you can share documents and collaborate with others on them, without the versioning problems of email. In fact, you can keep saved versions and revert, or simply view the evolution of your document. Annotate with notes so you can revisit questions or ideas as you move through the process of finalizing a document.


Of course, this legal document creation site comes with all the anticipated disclaimers about the fact that the site is not providing legal advice, doesn’t constitute the practice of law, and does not create an attorney client relationship. The site currently is in private beta and fees are not discussed on the page. However, you can request and invite and give it a run to see how it works.


With all apologies to Philip K. Dick, do android contract lawyers dream of electric sheep? Check out DocRun and see if it helps you sleep more soundly.


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