My Holiday Wish List – Updated Version

Here we are safely ensconced in 2010, the holidays behind us (although my trees are still up but are coming down THIS WEEKEND). I bet you are all wondering, no burning, about whether I got my wish list items.

Well, I actually did o.k. this year. I got three of my holiday items. No, it wasn’t the Macbook Pro. No, I didn’t get a Droid, but that is o.k. now that all sorts of cool new Android phones are hustling out the door. I am still waiting for my Windows 7 upgrade. I still have to plug in my small electronics to charge them. And now that I found out the price of the Que is going to be upwards of $600, I might be rethinking that gadget purchase.

So what exactly did I get? I got a Sony KDL40s5100 40″ LCD tv, the LG wireless BluRay player and, wait for it, the Rubik’s Cube! The tv and BluRay combo are quite amazing – we have the Star Trek movie and all of the Harry Potter movies and have been pretty much blown away by the difference between conventional dvds on our 32″ tube tv and BluRay on the 40″ Sony LCD. The sound is also amazing. And, if you get bored with your streaming Netflix or the other pay per view services built into the player, you can always surf YouTube via the player’s internet connection. If you are considering whether or not to upgrade, I highly recommend it if movies are your main form of home entertainment.

And the cube? It is so freakin’ cool! More electronic fun to spend time with. My demo video is below, please excuse the graininess and lousy mic pickup!