Hoover-ize Your Start Page

One of the features of the mobile Opera browser that I really love is its startpage which shows little thumbnails of your favorite web pages for one-click access. SiteHoover (link here) is a free, web-based app that provides the same service, plus a bit more. From the site:

Imagine a place in which you store all of your favorite websites. Imagine that it is available from any computer in the world. Imagine that it informs you about new stuff coming up on each of your favorite websites…
This place is called a hoover.

The start page consists of little “hoover” thumbnails that you can fill in with the URLs to your favorite web pages. Create as many as you would like and your page starts to look like a window filled with web-panes. Each pane is dynamically updates as the underlying URLs are updated. Cool!

Sitehoover also offers a foldering / bookmarking function – you can create folders and fill with bookmarks. These are not the same as hoovers and do not show on your page, but you can easily access them by clicking the folder links.

Set your Sitehoover page as your homepage on your desktop, or navigate to your Sitehoover on any computer anywhere, and open your window to the Web!