Advanced Social Media Presentation Materials

Doug Cornelius (Compliance Building) and I had a most excellent time presenting our lunch seminar on Beyond LinkedIn: Advanced Social Media for Lawyers yesterday at the Boston Bar Association. If you were unable to attend, you can still check out our presentation materials. Here are our presentation slides:

You also can view our handout collecting web tools and resources (link here).

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Boston Bar Association – Advanced Social Media

Looking forward to my presentation along with Doug Cornelius of on Tuesday at the Boston Bar Association’s Computer Law monthly luncheon. Our talk is on “advanced” social media tips and tricks, and is appropriately dubbed “Beyond LinkedIn.” Doug and I are going to focus on how to deal with the objections often raised by individuals and firms to jumping into the on-line networking fray, from managing the expense of time to avoiding the pitfalls of on-line publication.

Doug and I prepared a great Power Point presentation, which we will both be publishing on our respective blogs after the talk. So, even if you can’t make the talk, you can get the goods!

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