Sidengo: Another Free Platform Builder

Joining the ranks of, Dooid, Zerply and is Sidengo – a free website builder that requires no coding skills and about ten minutes of your time. I love these great “do it yourself” tools for those of use who don’t necessarily have the full-on skills of a web developer but want to get the word out about their business or self-promotional efforts.

If you have used any of these before, the dashboard and sitebuilder will look quite familiar. Simply follow the instructions in the builder by adding in the relevant information when asked, linking up your media, uploading your images and logos, and filling in your contact information and Voila! you have a site.


I like the fact that you can have multiple pages with this particular tool. It also integrates nicely with your existing hangouts on the web, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The contact page is pretty feature rich as well, with integrated Google maps information. You can use a custom domain, upload a favicon, download a QR code pointing to your site and generate embeddable widgets which you can share anywhere on the web. Check how your site is doing on the dashboard tab. And, for the mobile-inclined, the sites are iPhone compatible, and you can create a custom icon to appear on the iPhone home screen, giving the site the look of a mobile web app with a professional appearance.



As I have often said, it is worth taking advantage of as many of these tools as possible when building a web presence, as it offers you another outpost for your information and message. It is particularly attractive when the price is free (for now). Check it out and check back here with your URL – would love to see what you built.

Website Builder Looks Great, Costs Nothing

What do you want for nothing? Shiny, slick and functional? You got it with reminds me a lot of personal web page builders, and Dooid, but it is really designed to promote a business rather than a person. offers an incredibly simple website building tool – you simply add the business name, description, logo, and widgets you want to use, a background image, and color scheme and, Presto!, instant gorgeous web page. The single page links to other web sources for added info, such as Yelp reviews, Google Maps for directions, a blog hosted elsewhere, Facebook page, Twitter stream. You can set up a Contact page and integrate your MailChimp account as well. Use a URL, or configure your own domain to work with

If you are starting up your business and don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in a web page, then seems to have you nicely covered. Check out their demo video below to see how easy building your own website can be.