Speak Like A Native With The Web As Your Guide

Almost too beautiful to be true. Forvo (link here) is a web tool offering hundreds of thousands of words and their pronunciations from more than 200 languages. How cool is that? A word may have several different suggested recorded pronunciations and, in true wiki style, you can add your own suggested pronunciation. Community voting pushes the best options to the top. You also can ask for assistance from another Forvo member who natively speaks your desired language. There are almost 60,000 users and 200 editors. There are tabs for categories, pronunciations, languages and users, as well as a tag cloud to help you find what you are looking for. Social, (semi)scholarly and crowdsourced! Check out the languages included in the recent pronunciations box:

You just never know what you’ll find. Hat tip to ResearchBuzz.

What Did She Say? Translation Services To Help Tame The Global Game

English is a fairly ubiquitous language across business sectors and throughout the Web. However, if you are like me, you occasionally stumble onto information or received communication that is written in a language you don’t read or speak. How do you cope?

ReadWriteWeb offers  five translation tools to shine a light on your linguistic darkness. The include the crowdsourced Forvo with audio clips; Babel Fish, capable of translating large chunks of text as well as URLs; my personal go-to Google Translate, which also works in Gmail; the useful TweetTranslate, which integrates into your profile and works on Twitter updates; and, BabelWith.Me, a chat translator.

Don’t let a little bump like language difference prevent you from fully exploring the Web and connecting with others – the World is shrinking and these translation tools can help speed the process!

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