Mapping the News

Sometimes the standard Google search doesn’t cut it when you are looking to filter by location. If you need to get the best local news in a particular, international region, there is a tool for you: Newspaper Map. Newspaper Map uses Google Maps to show the world’s leading newspapers pinned to their appropriate locale. Zoom into the map for a particular region or search by name and get the best papers. If you click the pin, you are taken to the newspaper’s website and Google Translate is integrated so you don’t need to worry about the language deficit. Filter by major papers only or include all the small town dailies as well. And, if you are on the run (or simply visiting a foreign land and looking for the local goods), Newspaper Map works well on mobile tool. Definitely one for the Cool Tools list.

Hat tip to Digital Inspiration Technology.

What Did She Say? Translation Services To Help Tame The Global Game

English is a fairly ubiquitous language across business sectors and throughout the Web. However, if you are like me, you occasionally stumble onto information or received communication that is written in a language you don’t read or speak. How do you cope?

ReadWriteWeb offers  five translation tools to shine a light on your linguistic darkness. The include the crowdsourced Forvo with audio clips; Babel Fish, capable of translating large chunks of text as well as URLs; my personal go-to Google Translate, which also works in Gmail; the useful TweetTranslate, which integrates into your profile and works on Twitter updates; and, BabelWith.Me, a chat translator.

Don’t let a little bump like language difference prevent you from fully exploring the Web and connecting with others – the World is shrinking and these translation tools can help speed the process!

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