Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Internet Searching …

… or at least a great deal of it may be found in the pages of this “book” brought to you by the fine peeps at MakeUseOf. The 39-pageĀ PDF, aptly named “Guidebook To Internet Searching“, includes tips and tools for this increasingly-important skill. The book is broken down into sections devoted to the major search players and more esoteric tools by topic, such as searching for people, products, images, video, files, real time, and everyone’s favorite computational engine, Wolfram / Alpha. I love the Google search “cheat sheet” at the end, with lots of search terminology. Also, check out some of the other great Guidebooks they list at the back.

I bet there is something in here that will be new to you!

Hat tip to Jane’s e-Learning Tip Of The Day