Nice Gmail Add – Copy / Paste Images

I love Gmail. And it just got even better, in a small but oh-so-convenient way. You can now copy web images – or any other images for that matter – to your clipboard and paste them into your Gmail messages. This works in the latest version of Google Chrome (my browser of choice). So cool! No more saving the image to the desktop or some other folder. And, while it only works in Chrome right now, Google is indicating that it hopes to extend this ability to other browsers in the near future.

Go Gmail!


Wylio Takes Aggravation Out Of Blog Images

Have you ever found yourself stumped trying to find a blog image that is freely available to use? How about getting an image to look just right on your blog? New service Wylio (link here) has got your back on this one. You can search their massive database for free Creative Commons images – a search for bacon got me 10,412 images. Then use Wylio’s editor to size and position the image. Once that is done, copy the code from Wylio and paste it into your blog. Wylio automatically sizes the image, hosts the image, and builds the photo credit into the code.

strummer © 2007 Haydn | more info (via: Wylio)
Wylio gets its photos from the millions of Flickr images that have been designated as Creative Commons works by the uploader. While this isn’t fool proof (let’s face it, there are lots of caddish people out there), your chances are pretty good the picture may be used free and clear.

It’s a free service that definitely fills a useful niche, and fills it well. If you struggle with blog images, Wylio may just be your answer. For a fun read, check out developer Dan’s story here. Gotta love a sense of humor.Mesa/Boogie Maverick Short Headphoto © 2008 Art Bromage | more info (via: Wylio)