Use Motion To Explain Media To The Uninitiated

JISCNeed quick visual explanations of all that the Web has to offer? Why spend the time doing it yourself when you can check out JISC’s animations on subjects ranging from social media, podcasting, RSS feeds, collaborative writing, and microblogging. This vids are created with the rank beginner in mind, so they are perfect for underlining an explanation to the rest of the firm or Bar Association audience about why lawyers need to get hip to new technology and modes of communication.

These are the first few offerings. JISC plans to add more in August, including vids on blogging, social bookmarking, communications, and digital identity.

JISC is composed of senior managers, academics and technology experts working in UK higher education. Its work reflects the present and future needs of the education and research communities. JISC seeks to facilitate collaboration between education and research institutions, with a focus on technology.

Hat tip to ResourceShelf.

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