Tech Litigation Dance Card (Infographic)

Finding it difficult to keep track of which tech company is suing the other? You are not alone. But now there’s an infographic for that! Looking much like a modern Go game (in fact and theory), this pic will help you follow along on the path to intellectual property righteousness (this chart only covers patent suits, a small subset of the many available options), and is limited to mobile development. Fun and games! Hat tip to Technologizer.


Going For The Gold On A Theory Of Vicarious Liability – Suing God

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No pocket is deeper than THIS one! Ultimate responsibility for what ails you must rest somewhere and where better than up?

My deepest gratitude to Walter Olson at the Overlawyered blog who pointed me to this wonderful Wikipedia entry entitled “Lawsuits Against God.” There are factual suits and there are fictional suits. There are issues with proper service, venue and jurisdiction. There are questions as to who might serve as God’s legal representative. All good reads.

But I will tell you this: the list is not exhaustive. I have dealt with lawsuits naming parties we have represented that have named God as a co-defendant and they are not on this list. So, while the Wikipedia article is illustrative of the suits, it is not complete. Some of MY more memorable suits included RICO counts against public officials, judges, past and present U.S. Presidents, Hitler and God (that is some conspiracy) or lawsuits challenging evictions (“not only was I evicted from this apartment, I was evicted from this world.”)

I suppose when you feel like you have appealed to the highest power and haven’t quite gotten the expected response, the answer in a litigious society is to sue. Just be careful which name you use or your suit might be subject to a Motion to Dismiss.

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