ABA Journal and The Future of Legal Blogging

This summer, Joe Dysart approached me to ask a few questions about my thoughts on the future of legal blogging. Specifically, he was interested in the viewpoint of lawyers on the not quite as recent now Pew Research study showing a rise in interest in long-form blogging in the over 35 set, and a decline in long-form blogging among younger computizens. Never being at a loss for words, I was happy to talk about it. Joe’s article on the subject was published this month in the ABA Journal and I was quite honored to be included with some very well-respected voices on the subject of law and technology. Nice experience all around. Thanks Joe and the ABA Journal for the opportunity.

The photo session was a complete hoot. Jared Leeds, the photographer, asked if he could stop by during the summer to take a photo of me for the article. I said sure, and we met on a Sunday at my house. I thought he was going to snap a couple shots with his iPhone and be off inside of 15 minutes. Two hours and probably about 130 photos later (NOT on an iPhone), I felt like a complete ham. I kept feeling like I had to yell “makeup!” every so often. It was seriously hot and I have no air conditioning at my ocean side house, so we made good use of the fan – hence the windblown look. At first I dressed like a lawyer but Jared asked me to change into jeans and casual wear and soon enough, the guitar and my new old mid century orange chairs ended up in the picture. Not your usual corporate lawyer shot. All in all, it was a fun time.

Head over to the Journal at the link here and check out the article – do you agree that there continues to be and likely always will be a place for long-form blogging for lawyers and researchers alike? I know I do. Each tool to its purpose.


Putting It Out There – In The Best Possible Way

NicoleBlackMany of my readers are surely familiar with shining stars in the legal/tech online domain. So, I am sure that many recognize the name Nicole Black. Nicole is an attorney practicing in the Rochester, New York area whose reach extends far beyond the city limits. Nicole’s legal background is heavily steeped in criminal defense, civil litigation and appeals work, but she is probably best known for her blogging, writing, speaking and fresh foresight regarding legal technology and the future of the profession.

If you know Nicole and would like to know her better or simply would like to get to know Nicole, check out her auto-biographical post at one of her blogs, Sui Generis. In true tech form, Nicole explains that she is writing the piece to forge another link in her on-line chain and strengthen her presence in the search engine results. But us readers secure the added benefit of learning more about a bright, agile attorney and writer who is helping to push legal practice forward on a daily basis.

Finally, thought I would share a little known fact: not quite two years ago, I began considering how to expand my own practice and market my efforts to become a writer and researcher on my own terms. My search lead me to Nicole’s web site, nicoleblackesq.com. Her simple landing page, black background with blue and white letters, struck me, particularly the words “lawyer, writer, blogger.” Could you really be all three? I still keep the vision of her start page in mind as I continue to learn and grow in the on-line world. Thanks, Nicole, for helping me start out on my own adventure!

Nicole Black and Carolyn Elefant, another on-line luminary and champion of the solo practitioner, currently are working on a book addressing social media for lawyers. Stay tuned for more information about the book. It is sure to be well-written and informative!