Business Learning on Your iPhone

Taking classroom courses and learning to you, this great article by Mashable lists a number of different iPhone apps offering mobile eLearning options. App prices range from free to moderately paid, while some are tied to a web site or online library.  The list includes a free iPhone version of an application called Curatr, which I have previously reviewed here in the Studio. Another very cool add is the reference to iTunes U – offering programs from top colleges and universities around the world, including Ohio State University’s Lunch and Learn Series on Wellness, Yale University’s course on Financial Markets, or Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series, via iTunes.

What are you waiting for? Get to class!

Making Short Work Of Your Twitter Stream

I am on a Twitter roll today, apparently. I couldn’t help myself – I had to report on this new service called, of all things, Twitter For Busy People. According to Pete Cashmore at Mashable, TFBP is a new interface for Twitter that collects the latest tweet from your follows, so that you can quickly peruse the latest statuses of more people in less time. Recent history is still available with a click of the mouse.

Twitter For Busy People: when you are too damn busy to read 140 characters or less.

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