Two More Ways to Move Up With Google Docs

Looking for cool new ways to interact with Google Docs? Check out these two little apps I found, one from Digital Inspiration Technology blog and one from 40Tech.

First, try easily moving entire folders up into the cloud with an open source program for Windows called Cyberduck. Normally, you can only upload individual files in the upload dialog box. Cyberduck acts like an FTP server, allowing you transfer entire folders full of files. Cyberduck doesn’t only send to Google Docs – it is one of several destination options available. Once in the cloud, right click on the files or folders listed in the Cyberduck browser window to download them back to your desktop. You can reload files back up as well, with the option to rename or overwrite the existing file in GDocs.

Next up, how about syncing notes to Google Docs, Dropbox style? Using a little notepad app called Nocs, you can write and save notes locally or directly to Google Docs. Set up Nocs with your Google log in information, set up a folder in Google Docs to store you notes and then you can write, save, reopen and edit within the text editor pane notes that will be saved to Google Docs. You can enable autosave in the preferences setting to take all the brain rigor out of the process. Nice free little Windows-only tool.

Time to get writing!