Tech Litigation Dance Card (Infographic)

Finding it difficult to keep track of which tech company is suing the other? You are not alone. But now there’s an infographic for that! Looking much like a modern Go game (in fact and theory), this pic will help you follow along on the path to intellectual property righteousness (this chart only covers patent suits, a small subset of the many available options), and is limited to mobile development. Fun and games! Hat tip to Technologizer.


More Patents & Trademarks Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Have a need for all the patent and trademark information you can handle? Have no money to spend? Don’t worry, Google and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have you covered. Available for free download are ten (count them) terabytes of patent and trademark information courtesy of the Goog and USPTO (link here). Right now, this includes all granted patents and trademarks, and published applications, both full text and images. Google and the USPTO are planning to make available in the future additional data, such as file histories and related information.

What can you do with this data? Well, if you are clever, you can track trends and apply interesting filters to cull out the data behind the data. And with a free download, it sure beats waiting for the USPTO to ship it to you via DVD or other hard media. Nicely done, boys. Read the full story on the Google Public Policy Blog here.