Bookmarklets In iOS Safari? Sign Me Up!



I browse A TON on my iPhone and iPad and have gnashed my teeth in the past about how mobile Safari does not offer a very easy way to add bookmarklets to make the browser and your applications more compatible. I have used kludgy workarounds in the past to deal with some of the issues. Newer versions make it somewhat easier. As I am usually wont to do, I find myself once against smiling and thanking Amit Agarwal over at the Digital Inspiration blog for a great means of adding bookmarklets to your current version iOS Safari browse so that you can, say, send a page to Readability, Instapaper, Kindle or Evernote, translate to English, shorten with Goog.le, download as PDF, share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or more generally to other sites with a universal bookmarklet, subscribe in Google Reader, and much, much more. So freaking cool!


It is a simple as navigating to Amit’s blog post at the link above, selecting the desired bookmarklet from a dropdown menu in the post, bookmarking the page in Safari, editing the saved bookmark by removing everything from the URL that’s before the # symbol and clicking “done.” That is it. He also offers a handy video for the visually inclined learners. Couldn’t be easier.


Chrome for iOS, which I really really like, offers bookmarklet support as well. Get the goods on how to work with them over at iDownload Blog.


Make your mobile browsing a LOT more effective with these awesome bookmarklets. And don’t thank me, thank Amit! And go subscribe to his awesome blog, so you can get his fantastic tips straight from the “horse’s mouth.”