Twitter Developers Making Lemonade

What do you do when you are a plate-maker and the bread and butter start making their own plates? Become a cup-maker, of course!

Possibly the two biggest Twitter developers out there, Seesmic and Tweetdeck, saw the writing on the cupboard wall a few weeks back when Twitter bought out premier iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie. And, with yesterday’s roll-out of the newly branded Twitter for iPhone, and release of the Google Buzz API, S and T have shifted their focus a bit by now offering the controversial soc net upstart Buzz, from Google, within their applications. Plancast and Boxee have done the same, with the Meebo Bar and Socialwork to follow suit.

Apparently out of the privacy limelight these days, affiliation with Buzz is not such a bad thing. Seesmic (link here) already has its new tool available, with a dedicated Buzz column in which you can read, write, search and like. The Tweetdeck version is on its way. Buzz will share window-space with Twitter and Facebook in these applications, shifting focus away from Twitter and spreading it out over the three networks.

Whether or not you like Buzz (I am still unsure about it), it still represents a sizeable forum for engagement. By offering all three networks in one space, Seesmic and Tweetdeck reaffirm their validity in a changing Twitter-governed world and permit us users to streamline networking across platforms.

Hat tip to Jennifer Van Grove over at Mashable! for the story.