Decompress. And De-Stress

The work is coming in fast and furious. So are the telephone calls and conferences. Your Blackberry (or iPhone) is permanently fixed to your midsection, like some sort of “office”-arrest ankle bracelet. You are trying to keep up with your real world and on-line social obligations and networking efforts. Blogs to write, documents to draft, files to read, offices to manage, hearings to attend. How can one human being juggle all of this? I didn’t even add family and personal obligations into the mix, and it STILL sounds overwhelming!

Aside from responding with the slightly flippant answer of “you need a vacation”, I point you to this excellent article by Julie Fleming at Life at the Bar called “Top Ten Tips to Overcome Overwhelm.”  Based on her own experience and feedback she has collected, Julie publishes a useful list of suggestions for placing short-term patches on your leaky ship. Thanks, Julie, for the great insights!