1DayLater: How Organized Are You?

Some people like to fly by the seat of their pants. Others like to map every detail of their day and keep track of all matters through a macro-lens. For this latter group, there is 1DayLater.

1DayLater (link here) is more than a simple task manager. The app combines task tracking with value monitoring. Do you need to keep track of how much time you invest, how much money you spend or how much distance you travel while completing your tasks? Then 1DayLater may be your app.

This three-way marriage of task, time and money is a winner in itself, but 1DayLater improves the mix with a fantastically simple graphic interface and the ability to morph your data into beautiful visual representations and charts. The data entry page is to-the-point, with a log-in and actvitity list. You enter the project / client, and assign a value to the task. Value can be time, money or distance (the latter for traveling tasks, obviously). You can also notate the activity entry for greater detail. Clicking “go” adds the activity to your list.

Think of 1DayLater as a diary on steroids – if you religiously log your tasks and assign values, you can then obtain a powerful analytical tool for measuring your efforts. Once there are sufficient entries, you can “analyze” your data via 1DayLater’s nice charting features. You can even export your information to an Excel spreadsheet. There are tools for invoicing and supporting mileage claims as well.

The basic package is free and includes:

  • Unlimited projects and clients
  • Powerful search of your history
  • Basic visualisations
  • 3rd party apps
  • OAuth password security
  • The next level is a paid package that works out to $7.50 per month or $60 per year and includes:

  • …all the free features plus
  • Export your data to spreadsheet
  • Generate invoices for projects & clients
  • Generate mileage claims
  • Guaranteed customer support
  • There is a corporate level for the application as well, and the 1DayLater team promises it will work with your IT people to modify the product to meet your needs and integrate with your systems.

    Mobile apps are being developed right now, and the site advises that apps should be available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android this month. Not sure if they hit that target – only have a couple days left. You can still reach it on your mobile browser and desktop while you are waiting for your dedicated mobile version.

    1DayLater: your life in chart form!

    Hat tip to Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers.


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