Zensify: Track Social Media Trends With Ease On Your iPhone

A large part of leveraging the Web for marketing, research and information-gathering lies in the ability to track trends across social network “hangouts.” Much is made of real-time searching, trending topics and hashtags. It can get more than a little confusing to chart out and implement a tracking strategy.

Enter Zensify: a free (yes, I said free) app for the iPhone which streams information from various social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, Photobucket and 12seconds, and offers up the goods via a tag cloud. The cloud can show topics gleaned from the people you follow as well as the people they follow.  You can also update or upload to your social media sites from the app and share it all on Twitter. Save and reuse searches across your networks and even watch video from YouTube and 12seconds.

Zensify is looking to open itself up to other developers and offer more social services in the future. It is currently in “preview’ mode and the full launch of the app is slated for June.

Just another tool to add to your belt!

Hat tip to Mike Butcher at Techcrunch

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