Multi-Screening It in the New Millenium

Back in the day (and I mean WAY back), most households limited their “screen” time to the traditional TV box. Around the time that Video Killed the Radio Star. Not so in the new Millenium. A recent study by Google reveals that our modern screen habits encompass a variety of screens, from smartphone, to tablet, to computer to television and daily consumption usually ┬áinvolves all four. And this usage is not necessarily serial – for example, most TV watchers are also using their smartphone or tablet at the same time. Multi-screen, multi-task. Interestingly, the report shows that as the screen gets larger, the amount of time spent on average on that screen is greater, with smartphones averaging 17 minutes at a time and TVs averaging 43 minutes at a time. But smartphones tend to be where activity starts, if not ends – with many users starting a task on a smartphone and then finishing it on a larger-screen device. That task can be anything from searching, to shopping, to arranging travel, to social networking to watching a video.

Companies like Google will need to take heed of these trends – in order to capture the full attention of modern screen-gazers, online services will need to further integrate their services across these properties, encouraging seamless switching from mobile app to computer to television and back again. The easier it is to manage tasks across properties, the more likely users will stay within the ecosystem. It is fascinating, to say the least. What’s going to happen when we can also access the ‘net via Google Glass or other conduits? The mind boggles.

If you are interested in the full report, check out the Scribd embed below.


Friday Fun: Top 25 Legal TV Shows of All Time

The ABA is at it again, with picks for the top twenty-five legal television shows of all time. Like with the movies, I am mostly in agreement, with a few exceptions that are pretty far down the list and made me scratch my head. I also couldn’t believe that there had been that many legal shows and how many of these shows I have never heard of! Let’s see if you can guess which one is which from their image, placed in order of rank on the list:

LA LawPerry MasonThe DefendersLaw & OrderThe PracticeAlly McBealRumpole of the BaileyBoston LegalDamagesNight CourtJudging AmyOwen Marshall Counselor at LawJAGSharkCivil WarsHarvey Birdman Attorney at LawLaw & Order Criminal IntentMurder OneMatlockReasonable DoubtsLaw & Order Special Victims UnitJudd for the DefensePaper ChasePetrocelliEli Stone