Tweet From Outlook With Twinbox

Yes, there are still some of us who love to use Outlook as their home base for all things digital. Calendars, tasks, contacts, mail and now even Tweets! If you find yourself far more comfortable with the Outlook interface but are interested in delving into the world of Twitter, check out Twinbox (link here) – a free application that allows you to Tweet from within Outlook.

The relatively small application file adds a few buttons to the Outlook bar that allow you to interact with the microblogging site. The app also supports multiple Twitter accounts. There are some simple preference selections to be made, including a clever option to use a keyboard shortcut to bring up a Tweet window. I also like that the service uses for shortening links – my link shortener of choice.

Some of the benefits of Outlook are borne out with Twinbox as well – you can leverage Outlook’s foldering, filtering, archiving and search functions to keep track of and locate Tweets, which are now stored within Outlook. Incoming Tweets show in a very Outlook-like window as well, keeping the experience well within the bounds of familiarity. All the usual Twitter conventions, such as RTs, @ mentions, tags and DMs, are supported, and attaching pictures to Tweets is relatively easy – highlight an email that attaches and image or load one up from your computer’s hard drive.

And Twinbox has some great analytics features built right into it – you can easily view top Tweeters compared to total Tweets over a designated time frame.

While Twinbox does not give you all of the possible panoply of Tweeting options, it does a credible job of making Twitter manageable for the Outlook-obssessed set (which includes many professional and business-types). Not a bad way to get an introduction to realtime, social banter in a familiar environment.


Smart Tools Are Free Tools

If you hadn’t already noticed, I am always sniffing out cool tools on the Web. I am particularly fond of free ones. That is why I jumped all over this great guest article by Lifehacker writer Adam Pash over at PCWorld, titled 19 Freebies for Smart Web Browsing, Social Networking (link here). There were quite a few I actually hadn’t yet heard of. Not all were exciting, but a few of my favs are listed here. Or hit the jump above to get the full list.

I like CeeVee (link here), an online resume builder. There are tools to share it with Twitter, Facebook or a custom web address.

Lazarus (link here) is a Firefox add-on that records your key strokes. This is particularly useful when blogging in your on-line editor and you find yourself without an undo function. Just right click and hit Recover Text.

Mailbrowsr (link here) offers great added functionality to Gmail. It is a beta Firefox and IE add-on. Offers Calendar integration and organizational filters lacking from the basic application.

My Brainshark (link here) allows you to add audio to a PowerPoint presentation by simply uploading your slidedeck, calling a special number and talking.

Use Outsync (link here) to incorporate Facebook photos with your Outlook contacts. And manage Twitter from Outlook with Twinbox (link here).

Handle two Twitter feeds at once with SplitTweet (link here). Allows basic functionality and search across multiple accounts.

This should keep you busy for a little while. Have fun!