Google? Whatsa Google?

This brilliantly funny video displays a person quite rare these days: someone who has never interacted with Google. DMX, the rapper, explains to Power 105.1 radio that he has never been with a Google and doesn’t even know what the word means. The video is just great and a welcome reminder that not all of us are tech-sotted Internetizens.

Did I say I love this video?


MeetingBurner Brings Fast Free Video Conferencing To The Table

Lifehacker tipped me off to this great service for web-based online meetings and webinars – MeetingBurner. This great tool offers a whole lot of functionality for free, and even more with some cash. Create an account in minutes, and host your first video conference a minute or two later. MeetingBurner does its thing without downloads – because it is web-based, set up is quite fast and costs are contained. So, what do you get for free? An online meeting for up to 15 people, email tech support, instant screen sharing, Mac & PC compatibility, audio conferencing via telephone, computer or Skype, support for mobile attendees, meeting scheduling functions, streaming host video, the ability to instantly change presenters, in-meeting chat, a customizable meeting registration page, and, automated email reminders. Geesh. What don’t you get? Well, if you pay a bit more for Pro at $39.95 a month, you can have up to 50 attendees, phone and email tech support, meeting recording and recorded meeting sharing. Premier at $99.95 a month gets you 1,000 or more atetndees, meeting analytics, SMS reminders, “AutoPilot” meetings (pre-recorded meetings that play as if live), and paywall PayPal integration. For all levels, the interface is beautiful and easy to understand. Mobile users can download the iPhone app to join meetings on the go. That should put a dent in some of the high priced video conferencing competitors.

And it’s available today! Go on, get to your meeting.

Speakertext Does Just What It Sounds Like

There is a tool for everything, including a tool for extracting text from video and reaping the benefits of it. Need a transcript of that YouTube video or a way to improve your video search SEO? Check out Speakertext.  Speakertext recognizes that, while multi-media draws people to the Web, the Web was designed with text in mind. When we search, we can only access the text associated with that media. Fine for tags and descriptions, but not so good for the actual content of a video presentation. Speakertext converts that video into easily-searched text-based content, all gussied up for the search engines. To add to the fun, when you convert a video to Speakertext and quote a portion of that text, the embeddable link will then bring you right back to the place in the video where the text occurred. From the searcher’s standpoint, Speakertext is a real boon as it will allow you to find the precise place in a video where your desired information may reside. Clicking back and forth between text and video creates more links, more hits and greater visibility. And, Speakertext allows you to “watch” videos without sound – with scrolling text running alongside the images for those times when reading is better than listening. They have a lot to offer for the video-heavy content publisher:



SpeakerText combines artificial and human intelligence to offer low-cost, high-quality video transcription. Once you connect SpeakerText to a video hosting platform––we currently support BrightcoveYouTube and––SpeakerText automatically downloads your videos, turns them into text and loads the text onto your website.

Video Metadata
and XML Sitemaps

SpeakerText analyzes each video transcript to create descriptive metadata. These meta-tags are placed on your website and used to create XML sitemaps so that your videos are indexed by video-specific search engines.

Automatic Updating

SpeakerText automatically updates the text on your webpage and loads it into the SpeakerBar as soon as the transcript is ready.


The SpeakerBar

Once a video has been transcribed, SpeakerText loads an interactive transcript player beneath each video. Dubbed the SpeakerBar, this player allows visitors to use the text as an interactive controller for the video. Visitors can use the SpeakerBar to search and navigate within the video as well as share video quotes on Facebook and Twitter that link back to the video.

Transcript Hosting

SpeakerText stores your video transcripts in the cloud using the über reliable Amazon Web Services where they can be accessed server-side via API, ready-made scripts or our nifty WordPress plugin. This text is indexed by Google and other search engines for SEO.

Good for Speakertext, offering a free service to get someone started. There are relatively reasonable per month plans that add features and scope. Check out their pricing here. Right now, it works with at least YouTube, Blip.TV and Brightcove. I can think of all sorts of uses for this tool – particularly if you are someone who embeds or creates a lot of video content to support your on-line marketing efforts. If you don’t, Speakertext might convince you that it could be well worth your effort to add this dimension to your arsenal. Cool tool!

Is The Semantic Web A Synonym for Time Travel?

I am a romantic agnostic. I doubt much, but fervently wish that fairy tales would come true. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to the idea of the Semantic Web . That and the fact that I research for a living. The exponential growth in on-line data,  content creation and linking is staring us Web searchers straight in the face. I am guessing that most of us, professional and amateur alike, would love to lay their hands on that particular protocol that cuts through the infinite virtual warehouse and returns, on the first try, the data it knows you are seeking.

I am still holding out for this “impossible dream.” I do think it could evolve. Check out the awesome documentary below by Kate Ray with its “star” studded Semantic cast, and let me know if you do too. Hat tip to Jolie O’Dell at Mashable (link here).

The Semantic Web: What It Is and Why It Matters

Social Media Revolution – Version 2.0

Image by Igi’s TV Network via Flickr

Remember this video from last year? Check out this year’s numbers. And be wowed.

Thanks to Eric Qualman and Socialnomics (link here).

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Convergence of Intelligence, Intuition and Information (Gladwell Video)

For those of us who could not attend LegalTech New York earlier this month, but were very interested in the keynote presentation on Intelligence, Intuition and Information featuring Malcolm Gladwell from the New Yorker, you can rejoice. West has released the video at the link here. The panel also included Dr. Lisa Sanders, a columnist for the New York Times, author and clinical professor at Yale University and David Craig, Chief Strategy Officer for Thomson Reuters.

The topic centered on how professionals can make sense of the morass of information now available. Timely enough, indeed. And very well received, by all accounts.

It is an excellent discussion and well worth the watching time. Wish I could embed, but you can still get there with two clicks of the mouse.

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"Make It So, iPhone."

I feel so vindicated. Patrick Stewart, one of my absolute favorite actors and general persons of interest, loves his iPhone. What’s not to love? If Jean-Luc Picard can’t live without one, who am I to question my own obsessions?

But the actor of Shakespearean depth does not love Twitter. Could have guessed that one.

Fantastic bit of interview on DigitalNation (PBS), via Just Another iPhone Blog, The Escapist.

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Google Wave Extensions: 6rounds

6roundsI was going to link this comment to my original blog post on Google Wave, but I ultimately thought it best to simply copy and paste this as a new post right here for maximum visibility. From Natasha at, the first video chat widget for Wave:

Hello, I saw your article on Google Wave and I wanted to introduce you to our Google Wave extension 6rounds. Google Wave has chosen 6rounds to be one of their very first 6 applications and its only video chat extension for its launch. To learn more about 6rounds platform capabilities and the Google Wave extension, you can view our press release ( and check out the special page for Google Wave on 6rounds ( I’d love to give you a deeper look into our extension and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and elaborate on the cooperation. I also wanted to let you know that we are doing a 6 day competition for users to win 6 Google Wave invites. You can read more about it on our blog post: Google Wave invites up for grabs! ( I know that many of your readers are dying to get Google Wave invites so I hope that you will share this legitimate opportunity with the. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Natasha

Well, there you have it, Studio readers. Go check out 6rounds and maybe you could be “Waving” by next week!
If you are interested in learning more about 6rounds, and the unique features it brings to video chat, check out the articles here and here. I will be checking 6rounds out myself (independently of Wave until I can get my own invite). If you have access to the Wave / 6rounds experience, I would surely love to get some feedback in the comments below.


Have you seen this video by Adam Zuckerman: Wisdom? I won’t clutter or crowd it with commentary. Just watch and consider it food for thought on a Friday night.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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