My Resume, In Pictures


I wrote about back a month or so ago and I got my beta invite last night. So, of course, instead of heading off to bed like I should have, I had to play with the new toy. It painlessly and quickly linked up with LinkedIn and, just like magic, a Martha Sperry Career Infographic was born. It is definitely a work in progress – allows you to tweak colors, fonts and backgrounds, which I intend to do, since hot pink is not my color of choice when it comes to a professional presentation. Nonetheless, at least for display purposes, the result below is a pretty fine example of what approximately 2 minutes of effort can yield with this cool new service. My URL is Thanks,! Your Own Personal Infographic

Anyone who has spent any time here in the Studio knows I love me a good infographic. When someone offers to combine the visual power of an infographic with my own personal, professional stats and network, I’m all ears and eyes. promises just that: your LinkedIn profile in infographic form. You need do nothing – the application’s powerful coding behind the scenes extracts the information and gussies it up all for you like magic. pulls information about your positions, educational background, interests, recommendations, skills and connections from your profile. It then weights these attributes based on years of experience. The weighted data is what the app uses to create the infographic – your abilities are portrayed relative to your other talents via charts familiar to the infographic design style. The infographic can be customized with a variety of different free and premium themes and templates. The app promises to add the ability to change colors and typefaces, too. Makes me think of those free personal landing pages, like , and Zerply. Only infographically-represented.

Don’t get too excited – isn’t quite open for business just yet, but will be available as a public beta August 1, 2011. Sign up early to get early access and free-of-charge premium features when the private beta launches July 25.