Adonit Writer Plus iPad Keyboard Case


I am a big fan of the iPad.  I am a big fan of iPad styli. But iPad keyboard cases? Not so much. Way back when I purchased my first gen iPad, I quickly picked up the Bluetooth Apple keyboard thinking that I would need it for writing anything extended. Well, I have used that keyboard exactly twice in the past two or so years. I periodically watch as reviews for keyboard cases for the iPad float past in my RSS stream and I have, for the most part, ignored them, thinking them to be a great waste of time and money. I type just fine on the screen and, when I want to draw or write with better precision, I turn to my favorite stylus, the Adonit Jot. So, why would I need to drop the better part of a Benjamin or more on a case?


This morning, Adonit kindly sent me an email about their latest version of their keyboard case, the Adonit Writer Plus. Seriously, the only reason I even clicked over to it was because it was made by Adonit. The more I looked, read and watched (the YouTube promo video embedded below) the more interested I became. I thought I would share this great looking product with you, with the caveat that I haven’t yet gotten the chance to test it in person. Yet, I say, because this is the one keyboard case that I have seen that I might actually be persuaded to shell out some money for.



The Writer Plus is the next generation of the Writer (which never even blipped on my radar). Apparently, Plus fixes some of the complaints people had about the first version. The new features include USB recharging, with a two-week battery life – no more swapping out batteries. The Plus also features a new, nicer keyboard (by others’ accounts as I haven’t used it yet).


Some other very cool aspects of this case. I like that it is a hard plastic shell that holds the iPad firmly. The hinge system permits lots of viewing angles. You can remove the keyboard and use the case only or just get a better typing angle out of the case – nice. When you close the case, the Writer Plus keyboard and your iPad both go to sleep  – great for preserving the battery. And the built-in magnet in the case holds it closed as well.


But the best part of the case is its build. Like the Jot stylus, Adonit builds a very nice product. Brushed aluminum for the keyboard (it comes in colors too, like turquoise and red in addition to standard black). A pleasing fabric covering on the outside. It looks and very likely feels great to use. So nice, in fact, that iLounge gave the Writer Plus a Best of Show award at the 2012 CES.


If you are of the mindset that iPads can and should replace laptops, you might also be interested in such cases. I hadn’t been until now. Check out the video below if you would like to see it in action, or visit the link above if you want to snag one of these cases. Adonit hasn’t promised me anything in return for the kind words, other than what appears to be their dedication to making super-fine iPad related products. Thanks, Adonit, just for being you.