New & Improved Zotero – Available in 2.0 Flavor!

This is a job for Zotero
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Picked up this tidbit from Simon Fodden at SlawZotero 2.0 Beta is now at large! I have talked about Zotero in the Studio before: it is simply a fantastic reference tool for citing and organizing on-line research. 2.0 offers a host of new features. Here is a run-down from Zotero’s site:


  • Automatic synchronization of collections among multiple computers. For example, sync your PC at work with your Mac laptop and your Linux desktop at home.
  • Free automatic backup of your library data on Zotero’s servers.
  • Automatic synchronization of your attachment files to a WebDAV server (e.g. iDisk, Jungle Disk, or university-provided web storage).


  • Zotero users get a personal page with a short biography and the ability to list their discipline and interests, create an online CV (simple to export to other sites), and grant access to their libraries.
  • Easily find others in one’s discipline or with similar research interests.
  • Follow other researchers–and be followed in return.


  • Create and join public and private groups on any topic.
  • Access in real time new research materials from your groups on the web or in the Zotero window.
  • Easily move materials from a group stream into your personal library.

Even More Functionality That Makes Your Life Easier

  • Automatic detection of PDF metadata (i.e., author, title, etc.).
  • Automatic detection and support for proxy servers.
  • Trash can with restore item functionality so you don’t accidentally lose important materials.
  • A new style manager allowing you to add and delete CSLs and legacy style formats.
  • Support for Endnote® export styles

While it is billed as a research-friendly tool, Zotero can also serve as a facile note-taking application for personal and professional pursuits. And, best of all, all that capability is free!

Check out Zotero, now with 2.0 power!

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