The Advocate's Disclaimer

While the Advocate is an attorney and has been known to pepper the blog with information of interest to the legal community, the Advocate is not in any way providing legal advice to the reader in any particular entry or generally in this blog. If you have a legal issue or question, the Advocate recommends that you contact an attorney in your particular jurisdiction for assistance.

The Advocate pours heart, soul and excessive amounts of words into this blog. Please keep in mind that the heart, soul and words are solely those of the Advocate and do not in any way reflect the views, opinions or positions of any employer or client of The Advocate or The Advocate’s business. This blog is purely for personal enjoyment and is in no way related to the Advocate’s employment or business interests. The Advocate loves a good comment, as much as the next blogger, but manually reviews each comment for propriety. As a result, the Advocates reserves the rights to edit or delete comments that contain inappropriate material or do not further the discussion.

Enough of the formalities – happy reading and have a nice day!


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