SweetSearch: Looking For Greater Research Reliability

Plug your search terms into Google and come up with the sites that have paid or engineered themselves to rank highest in the results order. Plug your search terms into SweetSearch and pick from websites whose rankings are based on their reliability and credibility.

According to Lifehacker’s Kevin Purdy, SweetSearch premises its results on the rankings employed by FindingDulcinea, an aggregator of scholarly websites. Only 35,000 of the best sites, rated and approved by SweetSearch’s researchers, are indexed. Pages from the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, educational and public institutions rise to the top, while psuedo-educational sites are swept aside.

While a visit to their page reveals that SweetSearch is obviously geared towards students, it doesn’t take a PhD in rocket science to realize the value for any researcher looking for the right information on the Web. If you like the idea of losing that first step of sifting through your Google results for the most credible site links, check out SweetSearch.


4 comments on “SweetSearch: Looking For Greater Research Reliability

  1. Thanks for this terrific review! Yes, SweetSearch is geared towards students, but we actually initially created it for adults. My whole staff spends every working day looking for great links on the Web, and SweetSearch is what we use first. I’m an attorney as well, and spend a lot of time each week using the evaluation skills I learned while practicing law to review SweetSearch’s results.

  2. Fantastic! Attorneys do have a sense for the value of reliable search. Thanks for stopping by to comment and for adding value to the web search process for the rest of us!


  3. I do so miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about some deep pocket somewhere co-opting my research. Kudos to SweetSearch!

  4. Unfortunately, that sort of co-opting is a fact of life on the Web. Thankfully there are creative people out there with workarounds like Sweet Search.

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