Cool Tool: Deep Citing Within a Web Page with CiteBite

If you perform research on the Web, or care to share the results of your research with someone else, you probably have found on occasion that your desired data may be lost in a sea of text within a web page. Sure you can “find” within the page to locate where your search terms are hidden. Or, if you want to be able to go directly to the point or direct someone else to the point at a later time, you could try CiteBite.

CiteBite offers the ability to link to a particular portion of a web page, which is particularly useful for long, text-heavy pages or articles. When you click on the CiteBite-d link, your page will open up at the precise point desired, with the particular text of interest highlighted.

CiteBite is a web-based tool that can be used from its web page linked above, or via Firefox extension or bookmarklet for other browsers. Pages are cached on CiteBite’s server so the chances of losing your cite are diminished.

Seems like a “must use” tool for any web-based research – check it out next time you are searching Google Scholar for case law and need to share the holding of a case with someone else. And don’t forget to thank me when they look at you like some kind of technological wunderkind.


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