Cloud Docs + Printing with Google Docs + FedEx

Trying to print out one of your cloud-scriven Google Doc(ument) without an attached printer? Looking at that Airprint button with frustration because you can’t get your docs from your phone to your hands? Well, fret no more – if you are a Google Docs user that needs to kill a tree, then FedEx has your back. Called Office Print OnLine, FedEx will enable you to either upload from your computer or share a Doc from Google Docs (after giving FedEx access to your Docs account). You can then either pick the doc up at your local FedEx location, or have it delivered to you at extra charge. The extra extra that your own printer can’t match is the ability to order folding, laminating or binding along with your printing. And the costs appear somewhat reasonable, with a couple bucks for a couple pages for pick up.

When it absolutely, positively, has to be printed in ink on pulp, then consider Google Docs and FedEx – you can have your doc and print it too.

Hat tip to MakeUseOf – the images are theirs too.


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