50 Years of Legal Technology (Infographic)

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Been awhile, I know. But my blog is always on my mind. Yesterday, I was creating a timeline of legal technology to help me prepare for presenting at Duke Law School’s Duke Law Tech Lab Demo Day 2019 and then I thought, Hey, why not make an infographic? People love them! So, here is my personal take on 50 years of legal technology. Remember when Fed Ex started? Remember West’s Walt terminal? If not, then take a peek at this and refresh your recollection of where we were and marvel at where we are now.


Convergence of Intelligence, Intuition and Information (Gladwell Video)

For those of us who could not attend LegalTech New York earlier this month, but were very interested in the keynote presentation on Intelligence, Intuition and Information featuring Malcolm Gladwell from the New Yorker, you can rejoice. West has released the video at the link here. The panel also included Dr. Lisa Sanders, a columnist for the New York Times, author and clinical professor at Yale University and David Craig, Chief Strategy Officer for Thomson Reuters.

The topic centered on how professionals can make sense of the morass of information now available. Timely enough, indeed. And very well received, by all accounts.

It is an excellent discussion and well worth the watching time. Wish I could embed, but you can still get there with two clicks of the mouse.

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