Show & Tell

Lawyers are often called upon to collaborate, both showdoclogovertically with superiors and subordinates and horizontally with peers. Lawyers also are spending more and more time on-line, as programs and functions migrate from hard drive to servers to web apps. Combine the two concepts – collaboration and web-based application – and you have ShowDocument affords the user a fully synchronized FREE document collaboration session. The service can be used for live discussion on a document while it is being reviewed. The user selects and uploads the desired document and starts a session on the site. A code is provided that permits access to the desired participants. Each session is limited to one document. The app works with Word docs, PowerPoint docs, PDFs, and text files, with a size limit of 2MB. You can invite users to your document session by email, with a link to the session. The flash screen permits markups with pen and highlighter tools, as well as a chat tool for discussion. You can imbed ShowDocument on your own website with a widget here.

While the tool is still in beta form, it seems a promising addition to the on-line lawyer’s toolkit!

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