The Afternoon After … Apple's iPhone 3.0 Event

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I am feeling pretty much like I do every Christmas morning. After weeks of frenzied anticipation, the morning of the big day brings a major emotional swing to the other end of the spectrum, a uneasy combination of satisfaction and disappointment. Probably not unlike the feeling Adam and Eve had when they bit into their own iconic Apple.

I followed Engadget’s live blog of the event today, which aired at 10:00 a.m. local time, 1:00 p.m. Advocate time. You too can follow the blow-by-blow, with pictures, here.

First, from the customer (as opposed to app developer) point of view, the good: Yes, Virginia, there really IS cut-and-paste. Seems a little silly to get excited about a feature that has been the norm on other phones for what seems like eons. Seems like a no-brainer on a phone with a touch-screen keyboard that loves to insert its own nonsensical versions of your musings. Nonetheless, I AM excited, for that very reason! Cut-and-paste will work across applications and will work for html as well.

Next, Apple will open up development of peripherals that will work with the iPhone platform, such as medical monitoring and radio transmitters. Cool, but not specifically practical for me, until that day when I develop diabetes.

Next, maps will be made available to other programs and Apple will open up development for turn-by-turn navigation, although this latter service will not incorporate existing map functionality. In essence, the user or developer of the turn-by-turn service will be required to bring their own maps to the function. Not sure how this will work out in practice, but it IS a step closer to one of my A-list features.

Next, some push functionality that will particularly benefit chat-type clients, like Meebo. Getting there, slowly …….

Next, the iPhone will be opened up for peer-to-peer communications via Bluetooth. Transfer information to other users or perhaps play multi-iPhone user games.

Next, landscape view in more applications, such as email! Woohooo!

Next, MMS – and the ability to attach more than one picture to a message! This is a feature lack that has sorely bothered me since I got my phone.

Next, a global search function called Spotlight search, when you scroll to the left of your first icon screen. Now you can search your calendar, your email, your notes. There also will be search functionality within applications. Nice.

Finally, some audio updates, including stereo-bluetooth capability and a voice notes feature.

Now, the bad: no tethering! Waaaaaah. Also, no turn-by-turn directions yet or the innate ability (without added software) to use that great big capacity to move files. Email functionality is still somewhat hobbled, although I believe that a mass delete function will be made available. It is not clear whether push email will be made available from the address, but perhaps more information on that is coming.

In this regard, Apple advises that it only highlighted some of the features during the event, but that there are hundreds of updates with 3.0 that will yet be revealed.

The best part about Christmas presents? You don’t have to pay for them – they are gifts! And so is 3.0, at least for iPhone 3G owners (including moi). Yes, the upgrade will be my favorite price, Free!

So that’s it for now. More later, as details trickle through the internet pipes.


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