Do You Twitter? There’s An App For That.

When it comes to apps, apparently the iPhone has nothing on Twitter. From the humble inception two years ago of a single Twitter app, Twitterverse tools have since multiplied 50,000-fold. Fifty-thousand! The Next Web reports on comments to this effect by Ryan Sarver, Twitter’s Director of Platform, at the ongoing Le Web Conference. Sarver confirmed Twitter’s commitment to application development by, among other points, advising that Twitter would be opening its firehose and that it would be launching a developer’s platform. So, expect more Twitter tools from third parties. Aggregation and rating sites like oneforty, which seek to organize the plethora of existing Twitter applications, are bound to become more popular.

I availed myself of a few Twitter tools yesterday. I spend some quality time finally personalizing and activating my Twitter background. Using my vector graphics program, a free on-line Twitter background editor and a Firefox add-on that lets me drop active links onto my Twitter background (you need the add-on to use the links as well), I made a spiffy new page that offers links to my other Web outposts. You can visit my new background here.

I can’t wait until they create a Dragon Naturally Speaking app for Twitter updates!


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