Kickin' It, Farm Style

Well, now, this pretty much has NOTHING to do with law, other than I played hookie from law to bring my family to the oldest agricultural fair in the Country, the img113 Topsfield Fair. We do it every year, taking the kids out of school for the day to take in this “alternative” educational experience. We try to cover it all, which is pretty much impossible since img124there is so much to see, do and eat. The Fair has exhibitions and competitions of all sorts relating to farm and  agricultural life, wildlife exhibits, juried shows for crafts, arts and handwork, tons of AMAZING food (think mile high apple pie, German fries, img141rootbeer floats and anything fried or on a stick that you can imagine). We always start with the Wakefield Retired Men’s Club Band and end with fudge and a viewing of the winner in the largest pumpkin competition – last year’s winner made the Guinness Book of World Records topping 1,686 pounds. In between, this year, was packed with: cow milking; img162ferris wheel riding; spinning wheel watching; sheep shearing; beeswax candle making; model training; flaming juggler oggling; baby bunny petting; RCMP Mounted Police viewing; lucky duck game playing; tractor trying; glass mosaic crafting; skunk patting; hoop shooting; giant sliding; landscape and flower arrangement admiring; pumpkin carving; and, general fun-having.

Oh, wait. There IS a connection to the law. If there is a legal lesson to be learned from our very tiring but very fun day, it is this: there is always time in our busy practices and our hectic lives to stop and smell the manure!

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