Worth A Mention: Social Networking for Lawyers

Many of those who read blogs, including this blog, likely have a decent sense of the ins and outs of the social networking sites and may even have a sense of their utility for lawyers as a professional networking and marketing tool. But for the uninitiated, I feel compelled to point to this article from the Law Practice Today column of the ABA LawPractice Management Section authored by Edward Poll for a grasp of these nouveau marketing means and how to best leverage them. The article notes two of the best professional options, Facebook and LinkedIn, and also highlights listservs such as the ABA’s Solosez. Avvo, the rating and locating clearinghouse for attorneys, is also mentioned. Poll provides his personal opinion on what is relevant and irrelevant for inclusion in one’s profile when professional networking is the goal. It’s a nice introductory overview for those interested in jumping into the social networking phenomenon from a professional perspective!

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