Westlaw: Think Globally, Search Locally

Westlaw is recognizing that there is much to be gained from offering access to international authorities as our inexorable (SAT word inserted to ensure apt attention) march towards a Uni-World continues. Thomson Reuters (the parent) announced yesterday that it was expanding its global Westlaw Business platform, including the launch of a new Securities-UK Centre. Described by TR as a unique “business research and workflow tool” to support biz and transactional lawyers around the world, the Centre is tweaked in both content and interface to appeal to this type of practitioner.

TR posits that global business necessarily involves cross-border transactions, global reporting standards, increased regulatory review and, *gasp* “greater emphasis on disclosure transparency.” I would argue this is equally as important on the home front these days.

Nonetheless, TR is standing behind its support for global practitioners by offering UK authority in the Centre, including searchable listings from the Financial Services Authority, relevant legislation and “guidance”, that employs special search taxonomy based on the language employed by business law professionals. The Centre joins other Westlaw Business resources such as Restructuring, Securities-U.S. and Securities-Canada, M & A, Private Equity and LIVEDGAR.

I snagged this vid from Westblog:

Time to wake up and smell the English Breakfast tea.

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