ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!


Taking a road trip ain’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of fumbling for directions, settling for McDonalds or searching desperately for a gas station while riding on fumes.The iPhone revolution and Apps Store are upon us, streamlining and civilizing the process.
Mashable’s Ben Parr has a selection of iPhone apps that are particularly suited to customizing your trip. For purposes of this blog, you could replace “road trip” with “business trip” – these apps would do nicely while you are navigating uncharted territory looking for hotels, food or other services. There are apps to track mileage and expenses (Road Trip), weather apps (The Weather Channel), wi-fi hotspot finders (WiFiTrack), food finders (Urban Spoon), recommendations (Yelp), simpler mapping (MapsBuddy), hotel finders (SimulTravel GPS), and places of interest (Where To?). I have used Urban Spoon to find food to good effect, but haven’t personally used the other services mentioned. I would add another app that I use to this list: “Call A Cab” is a free app that finds the local cab services based on your location and gives a quick link to their phone number.
Happy Travels!

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